The 500G Rotary Airlock from BLACKROCK  Material Handling is a heavy-duty rotary airlock designed for use in severe-duty pneumatic conveying and general airlock applications.

The 500G series offers advanced features to keep you operating under adverse environmental conditions and is suitable for a wide range of material characteristics. 

Typical applications include:

      •   wood chips                              •   bark
      •   waste wood                            •   sawdust
      •   municipal solid waste       •   wood bark 
      •   refuse derived fuel             •   bagasse
      •   wood pellets                           •   corn stover 

      •   agricultural by-product   •  sludge 

Significant improvements to standard industry designs are provided in this airlock to improve wear life and reduce maintenance downtime. This improved design is available in many industry standard sizes and is suitable for OEM replacement or as part of a new BLACKROCK pneumatic conveying system.  Contact us for your application needs!

The 500G series includes the following industry-leading features:

Fabricated heavy-duty housing - rugged box construction with added gussets and channel reinforcement is suitable for heavy-duty applications where occasional shearing of fibrous material is required.

Housing bore opimized for wear life and corrosion resistance - available in either stainless steel or industrial hard-chromed carbon steel.

Replaceable top knife available with single- or double-edged blade - works in conjunction with the cutting rotor, which is required with many conveying applications for fibrous materials.

Helical vane rotor design optimized for severe-duty applications - herringbone vane design allows for scissor shearing of fibrous materials with balanced bearing thrust loadings.

Restrained rotor shaft - with heavy-duty axial restraint system to further reduce axial shaft movement during operation.

Reduced leakage design - incorporates machined rotor and housing bore design with a full 180° sealing area.  There are 4 vanes of sealing between rotor and housing bore at all times and a brass seal ring design between housing and rotor end plates in the inlet area.

Self-cleaning air purge design - prevents material build-up and plugging between rotor end plates and housing (when used with BLACKROCK's new line injector design).

BLACKROCK announces the release of the 500G Series Rotary Airlock