The engineers and staff at BLACKROCK bring significant years of worldwide industry experience to your application.  Each member has an average of 25 years in pulp & paper, woodyards, biomass energy plants, and recycling plants.

Our experience includes custom equipment design, manufacturing, installation and field service.



It's old fashioned now, but we do what we say we're going to do. Plain and simple. Our word is bond, and that applies to our deadlines, as well.  

Our integrity  is our most important value.  This is the reason we have been working succesfully in this industry for many years.  Respect for and from our customers.






​​WELCOME to BLACKROCK Material Handling



Each mill or process requires specific solutions for different applications.  We work directly with the process owners to determine their needs and will prepare a proposal within your budget.

Successful solutions require a focus on the technical application, the capital budget available, and future maintenance costs.





Due to BLACKROCK's global mill experience and attendance at technical conferences, we continually learn new technologies that we bring to your application. Cross industry technologies  can also provide innovative solutions to your problems.

We can arrange for your engineers and operators to visit other mills who have solved similar issues.

We innovate.  We deliver.

BLACKROCK Material Handling brings you a team of experienced engineers in bulk material handling, specializing in biomass materials, woodchips, and alternate  fuels.

Material handling solutions include pneumatic components, storage & reclaim systems, screening systems, and boiler feed systems.  We can provide standard and custom designs for screw conveyors, drag chains, storage bins, bark and chip screens.

When you have a project, look no further than BLACKROCK, a leader in material handling solutions for the forest products & biomass energy industries.   Call us at 864-214-7199 or contact us at

We are excited to announce that BMH Technology with the support of BlackRock has contracted for a major waste -to-fuels project in North America. This complete feed stock system for high quality RDF/SRF will process both Waste (25 tph) and Biomass (50 tph) to be shredded by the Tyrannosaurus line of equipment.  The project will deliver late 2021.


Need a new pneumatic blower or rebuild? 

​BlackRock Material Handling can offer FREE blower evaluations by Blocker & Wallace including a detailed blower inspection & a detailed formal repair quote with failure analysis and damaged sustained. All rebuilt equipment receives a 1 year warranty